DTVape stays OPEN during COVID-19 Level 3.

Most of our team are still working from home at this stage, so we have to rearrange some of the procedure to speed up the process. To ensure you are aware of  these rearrangements, please read through the following informations.  

Courier Delivery Time Frame

NZ Post
Within NZ, 1-3 working days depending on how busy the courier service is in your area.
Delay of 3-5 days might happen for some areas, because of the increasing volume of jobs with more and more online businesses are opened during Level 3.
To Australia, most of the orders are still being process and deliver within the same time frame, which is 2-4 days. However there are occasionally delays, sometimes are with the customs, and others are holding with local delivery in Australia, especially when they are short-handed.

Please be patient and be kind to them, because this is a extremely difficult time for everyone.

ID Check For Your FIRST Order

We will enquire customers ID for proof of age. We will only check your ID for your first order with us, so please place your order under the same name for your future orders. Please send a snapshot of your valid ID to Your ID should be stating your FULL NAME, and the YEAR of your D.O.B., you can cover up the rest of the information if you do not feel comfortable to expose all your personal details.

DTVape supply team is trying their best to keep with the demand. Due to this global crisis, international shipping is face extreme shortage. Estimate time of arrival is constantly changing, for all sort of reasons (e.g. custom declaration, flight cancelation or rescheduling) . So please be patient, we will send our emails and put up notification on our website as well as FB post to inform everyone when stock is here. We will also announce when pre-order will be available once stock land in NZ. 


Order Processing Timeframe
All order placed before 11am will be processed on the same day, the rest will be process in the next business day.