Our Story It Started

In 2006, Nelson Chamberlain got booted out of his corporate. Financial controller job which he had had for 25 years by a new ambitious CEO who did not want his ideas obstructed, so for senior staff moved on. Nelson decided to go into retail and open the Discount Tobacconist.  

Nelson spent time learning the business and building the company while developing and appropriate culture and being pretty content with the results he won achievers after a couple of years the opportunity arose to open another shop and as he had a staff member capable of managing a way he went.

Progress was show us expanding the business over the next few years but now we have 6 shops, a website and a vaping business. All entities are kept in separate companies with Nelson as sole Director & sole shareholder.

The growth has led us to determine our identity with vision values culture and positioning.



As the business began to grow we needed to develop a strong identity by ensuring that we had well trained and committed staff working in the business. A commitment to excellent customer service at all time. This had led to us being well known and respected in wellington.



Build very strong customer relations so that we become a magnet and customers become advocates we also look to supplies to become our advocates.



The small vision is every smoker and vaper in Wellington buys their supplies from us. The big vision is that by 2022 financial year we are a 100 million annual turnover group of companies with over 40 shops spread throughout NZ.



To be totally ethical and honest in all our dealings with everyone we deal with. We never cut corners. We are better and usually cheaper. Have best brands. Employee only talented & committed people.


Take Risks

The next 3 years will see massive growth in the business. We are building a very strong and talented team to achieve this. This is the fun part of the business growth, risk and huge achievement.


DT Vape is the world leading wholesaler of vaping products in New Zealand.

We provide aftersales service to all our customer base, any technical questions can be directly dealt with our support staff, rapid and economical.

We have competitive prices on our various product range, with new product line coms every season.

We provide trainings on vaping to any company that interested in stocking our product, including basic vaping info, product description, selling point, sales technic and etc. 

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