AVC Old School Milk Candy 60ml
Old School Milk Candy Smooth and creamy luxury is what sets Old School Milk Candy apart from the...
AVC Super Blackcurrant Grapes 60ml
Super Blackcurrants Grapes The aromatic bitter-sweet flavor of blackcurrants in combination with white grape creates pleasantly refreshing vaping...
AVC Victorian Pinot 60ml
Victorian Pinot If you love a quality Victorian Pinot Noir, you will be charmed this specially blended Pinot...
AVC Aromatic Tobacco 60ml
Aromatic Tobacco Combining barrel-aged vanilla cream with notes of toasted almond and caramel with a well primed, air-cured...
AVC Secret Lemon Drop 60ml
Secret Lemon Drop Smell the lemony fragrance of the lemon rind. With just enough tart, zest and freshness...
Saucy Classics Coffee Creme 60 ML
Enjoy the classic flavor of our sweet and decadent Coffee Creme Tobacco. 70%VG 30%PG.  Notice: This item has new...
Saucy Tokyo Chocolate Banana 60 ML
Experience the delicious flavour of Tokyo’s favourite dessert. Tokyo Chocolate Banana is the ultimate dessert e-liquid, balancing a...
Saucy Subzero Grape Escape 60 ML
Steal away to a winter wonderland of tangled vines dripping withclusters of mouthwatering grapes and plump blueberries for...
Saucy Subzero Summer Fresca 60 ML
Cool down those summer picnics with our specialty blend of succulent strawberries and juicy watermelons for a subzero...
Saucy Classics Vanilla Xtreme 60 ML
Indulge in the premium flavor of our sweet, luxurious Vanilla Xtreme and discover that perfect classic vape you’ve...
Saucy Subzero Pomme Kiwi 60 ML
Take a romantic stroll through a shady orchard adorned with crisp green apples and tart kiwis for an...
Liqua Mix Frosty Lychee 70 ML
2018 NEW LIQUA MIX Frosty Lychee E-Liquid 70 ml.
Liqua Mix NY Cheesecake
2018  NEW LIQUA MIX NY CHEESECAKE E-Liquid. Prepare for the ultimate combination of fresh, creamy, and sweet. This...
Saucy Classics Apple Mint 60 ML
Experience the premier vaping experience with our fresh, crisp Apple Mint. 70%VG 30%PG.  Notice: This item has new...
Saucy Originals Thai Sunset 60 ML
Take in the painted horizon under the seclusion of palm fronds with our exotic concoction of sweet lychee...
Saucy Originals Pineapple Gummy 60 ML
Treat yourself to our newest gummy flavor with candied pineapples straight from the Big Island itself. 70%VG 30%PG. Notice:...
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