3For2 special from the  full ToBA range of our best selling AirsPops, includes Ocean 11 Toba, Virginia Toba, Toffee Toba, Ice Toba and we even extended the list with South Pole , so that you can get the most with this incredible offer.

BUY MORE SAVE MORE! Simply choose any 3 packs from this category and apply discount code 3FOR2AIR in check out!

Limited time offer, special ends on 04/09/2020 5pm!

Airscream Cartridge Ocean 11 Toba 2pods pk
All pre-orders of 2pods pk will be process on early December. Rich flavoured cigar with lively scent of...
Airscream Cartridge Virginia Toba 2pods pk
A true Virginian blend to deliver rich American tobacco taste .   This Airscream cartridge is use for...
Airscream Cartridge Ice Toba 2pods pk
Super smooth tobacco blend with added icy sensation.   This Airscream cartridge is use for AirsPops Starter Kit. Pod...
Airscream Cartridge South Pole 2 pods pk
Stay frosty below deep Antarctica south with super-icy mint.     This Airscream cartridge is use for AirsPops Starter Kit....
Airscream Cartridge Toffee Toba 2pods pk
Sugary & buttery goodness, slap with tobacco for a satisfying finish.     This Airscream cartridge is use...
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