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Saucy E-juice Review from Jen Wiig

Saucy Gummy Pineapple Review
By Jen Wiig (ins: @long_white_cloud_nz)

I found this juice of all pineapples i've tried to be the most true to a fresh sweet ripe pineapple. The more i steeped the juice the more intense the pineapple flavour became, it is sweet without being too over bearing and there is a hint of gummy lolly on the exhale, could be easily enjoyed as an all day Vape or enjoyed on hotter days for something refreshing. For a sweeter based juice it was not too bad on the coils leaving very little residue and tasted true to the name in both a tank and rda. 
It produced nice full plumage clouds that smelt like a pineapple fuju iceblock. 
I would certainly not hesitate to purchase this juice again and use it as a recommendation for those looking for an authentic pineapple flavour.

  • Jan 11, 2019
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