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Machine spotlight – Aspire PockeX

Hello Vapers,

Today I’m having a closer look at the Aspire PockeX, a pen style vape.

This was my first time using this machine. I normally use this vape’s big brother, the Aspire Zelos (come back next week for my review on that one). For its size, the PockeX packs a pretty, puffy punch. It made more vapour than I was expecting to come out of a pen vape. This is thanks to the 1500mah battery, the wide mouth tip and the airflow being located at the top of the tank.

 PockeX tank

The tank itself is one of the simplest designs that I have dealt with. Because the coil is attached to the “roof” of the tank, you just unscrew it and tip the juice straight in. Finally, no more worrying about squeezing it into the wrong place! You can even replace the coil without tipping out your juice. The whole thing comes apart for easy cleaning, great if you’re getting tired of your current flavour and don’t want to deal with the residue. Chocolate-Mint does NOT mix well with Pineapple… I learnt that the hard way


The machine comes with two different coils (included), One with 0.6ohm resistance and one with 1.2ohm. This way you can find your preference before you buy a pack of coils. A quick guide; the 0.6 is hotter and stronger, the 1.2 is cooler and more economical.

 pockx coil

Do you know anybody with a New Years resolution to quit smoking? Is it you? The PockeX comes in 6 different colours so you’ll be able personalize it to suit the recipient. At $49.00, it’s an affordable way to (finally!) give up smoking or support somebody going through the journey.


Final word: Great for beginners (easy to use and maintain), with enough power to keep an experienced vaper happy as well. Good value for money.


Happy Vaping

Honi – Guinea Pig for DT VAPE 

  • Dec 31, 2018
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