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E-liquid Spotlight – AVC Artisan Vape Juices

Hello Vapers,

Today I am reviewing the range of premium e-liquids from the Australia Vape Co.

I have personally tested every flavor and I have to say: Not bad (for an Aussie), not bad at all.

1. Victorian Pinot

AVC Victorian Pinot

The Victorian Pinot… I’m undecided on this one. It is a very faithful representation of a classic Australian red, if that’s your thing then you will love this juice. Me however; when I was younger and more foolish, I spent many a Saturday nursing a vicious hangover. Red wine was the usual culprit. It’s the same reason I can’t eat rum-and-raisin ice cream anymore!

2. Secret Lemon Drop & Super Blackcurrant Grapes

AVC Secret Lemon DropAVC Super Blackcurrant Grapes

The Secret Lemon Drop and Super Blackcurrant Grapes are both fruity on the tongue and fragrant in the air. They smell good enough to drink! (don’t do this). The Lemon Drop is especially refreshing.

3. Aromatic Tobacco

AVC Aromatic Tobacco

The Aromatic Tobacco… I don’t know how they’ve done it, but it tastes like you are sitting at an outdoor café with a coffee and a ciggie. Smoky, peaty (not too much), with a hint of malty caramel. If you prefer the tobacco flavoured juices, you will love this. If you’re curious about tobacco juices, this is a great place to start.

4. Old School Milk Candy

AVC Old School Milk Candy

But my favourite has to be the Old School Milk Candy. It tastes EXACTLY like those milk bottles that you used to get in the Party Pack lollie bags (the chewy ones they used to make). So nostalgic, takes me back to a time when I could eat lollies all day and not gain any weight. Oh, to be young again…

AVC juice comes in 60ml bottles, 60-70% VG and available in 0, 3, 6 and 9 mg of nicotine per ml. At $18.99 per bottle it is great value for a pretty tasty product.

Have you tried AVC yet? Share you experience in the comments below, what’s your favourite flavor?


Happy Vaping

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  • Dec 20, 2018
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