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Aspire Zelos 2.0

Happy Tuesday Vapers,


The Aspire Zelos was the first vape I ever used when I quit smoking 2 years ago (yay me!). It was a great mouth to lung vape, suitable for beginner and intermediate users alike. However, there were a few issues:


 - The airflow holes could easily become blocked as they were quite small

 - The coils maxed out at 23W, despite the mod topping out at 50W

 - The drip tip was quite short, occasionally some hot drips would hit my tongue

 - The tank was 1.8ml, I was refilling it pretty frequently

 - Refilling sometimes loosened the coil at the bottom, leading to leaks


The Zelos 2.0 has addressed all of these issues. Aspire has taken feedback from users and retailers and sanded off the rough edges of a very solid device.


The airflow holes have been increased, this solves the blocked issue as well as increasing the cloud size. I can use the new Zelos for either mouth to lung or direct to lung hits. One of the coils that is included in the kit is 0.4ohm, capable of up to 28W. Those 5 extra watts make a fair bit of difference.

Long drip Tip

The Zelos 2.0 now comes with an extra long drip tip. The vapor is cooler by the time it gets to my mouth and no more splutters! The tank size has also been increased to 2.6ml, so way less refilling.


But the best improvement by far is the new top-fill system. Now, you don't go anywhere near the coil when refilling, it stays put and no more leaks.


If you've used a Zelos before and are considering buying something similar, you will love the Zelos 2.0. If you've never used the Zelos before, this makes a great beginner unit, with lots of spare power as you get more used to vaping in general. Give it a go :)


Happy vaping,


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