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AirsPops ONE USE : The Easiest Way for Maximum Satisfaction


AirsPops ONE USE is a disposable e-cigarette that amazingly compact and  lightweight, make it as an excellent choice for vapers of all levels.


It is ideal to carry everywhere, pre-charged and pre-filled with 600 - 800 puffs per stick.


No additional work to experience the unparalleled taste and balanced throat hit on the go. Ready to enjoy anywhere, anytime. 


AirsPops ONE USE perfectly meets your vaping needs, giving you the easiest way for maximum satisfaction.


Ready to vape


PRE-FILLED -- No need for messy refills

PRE-CHARGED -- Simply puff on the device to activate

EASY TO USE -- No Maintenance & Charging


Various Flavours

Heart-crafted flavours to deliver the best experience.

Zesty Lemon
Lemony zest matters! Strike a perfect balance between lemon flavour with zesty finish, simply irresistible!
Freezy grape
Lush and wholesome taste of syrupy grape infused with chilly sensation.
Ice watermelon
Thirst quenching sweetness of melon further elevated with frosty sensation to kick start the sunny summer days.
Fruit fusion
A unity of strawberry and blackcurrant infused with juicy kiwi to accentuate the fruity taste.
Apple cola
A fun twist of fizzy cola with the crips & refreshing touch apple.
  • Jan 28, 2021
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